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March 30, 2009

rainbow fairy

February and March

Check out our trip to Phoenix and a bunch of strawberry related pics.....

Belated birthday pics

Uma's birthday party!

New bike from Grandpa Kitty

February 2, 2009


reflections on uma turning three

Uma today is three, and thats a magic number (just ask Schoolhouse Rock). She is such a beauty and such a character.
Although the twos were a many splendored thing, I have to say I am really looking forward to the threes. In the past few weeks she's started asking so many questions, "What do dolphins do? What do swings do?"
It's absolutely amazing to think of how much Uma has changed just since starting school in September. She has gained so many social skills and graces and is such a little lady now. We joke sometimes that she goes to charm school.

In no particular order, here is a list of qualities Uma displays at onset of turning three...
*Uma sings all day long. Her entire life is a musical.
*Uma needs everything to be "just so", she's quite the perfectionist and rule-follower. This may be the death of me later in life.
* If one tiny drop of anything should happen to fall upon her clothing, she must change it immediately.
* Uma is fiercely determined. Once her mind is set on something, look out.
*Everything must be pink or sparkly. It's not my fault, I swear (although I do push the rainbows).
*She is ecstatic playing with any ball.
*Her imagination and fantasy world is rich. She lives with fairies and gnomes.
*She loves performing, anything will do as a stage.
*She talks about her cousin Lucas everyday.
*Uma loves wearing dresses, and must have somethings that twirls if she is dancing.
*She loves choosing her own outfits, and her creations are hilarious.
*Uma is still incredibly shy. I still have to apologize to new folks who she gives the stare down.
*Although Uma is still a bit pushy and "large and in charge", she is certainly a very polite little girl.
*She still insists she is terribly afraid of ''maskes" (and face painting), although somehow clowns are okay.
*Uma loves to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle.
*Her recent obsession is preparing for her little and big sister. We have no idea how these are coming to us, but she is certain.
*Recently I asked her if she wanted a daddy and she said emphatically, "No, I want a puppy."